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Get a loan...
An Abound Loan is a fixed term, unsecured personal loan. You can borrow anywhere between £1,000 and £10,000.
...you can afford
We help you work out what is affordable for you, and you can easily set how much you'd like to repay monthly and see how much you can save by repaying a little more.
...using your data
We'll join the dots in your finances from your bank transactions data. Sort of like sharing your digital bank statements, but much easier.
Design your loan...
You can flex the design of the loan, tailored to what suits you
...with simple tools
We'll immediately work out how long it takes you to pay off the loan and how much it costs you. Our tools help you make an informed decision
...in just minutes
It's easy to apply – just download the Fintern App onto your mobile phone and enjoy the journey.
Fintern is now Abound
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Unrivalled Flexibility
Payment holiday
Take a short break from your monthly repayments
Change repayment amount
Flex your monthly repayment amount as circumstances change
Increase borrowing amount
Apply for a top up with a few clicks
Pay a lump sum
Pay down at your speed with no early repayment penalties
Product Features
An Abound Loan has some amazing built-in features that you can ask for. These give you the flexibility to manage your loan repayments around your own needs. There are fees for some of these and for some features we will need to undertake a new affordability assessment.
Fintern is now Abound
To apply for a loan, simply click the button below.
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