Get a headstart with the
Fintern Graduate Loan
Congrats on graduating and landing your first job!
Starting your career is exciting, but we know it can also be expensive. A Fintern graduate loan helps you spread these costs - rent deposits, work clothes etc- so you can get your career off to the perfect start. It's also the perfect way to start building your credit score.

Loans up to £5k, to repay within 3 years
Who's eligible?
*Subject to status and eligibility
Graduating in 2021

To apply for a graduate loan, you must have graduated, or be on track to graduate, in 2021
Confirmed job offer

To make sure that you'll be able to pay the loan back, we need to see proof of your graduate job offer with annual salary > £22k
Starting work within the next 3 months

This gives us confidence that your salary is coming soon and that you'll be able to make your repayments
No unresolved CCJs or defaults

Any previous defaults or CCJs (if applicable) must have now been fully resolved.
Apply from Fintern App
Please select GRADUATE LOAN from the loan purpose page in the App to apply for the loan specifically designed for recent graduates.

* Loan approvals are subject to an affordability assessment, credit review and ID verification.
Why Choose Us?
Flexible monthly repayment
You can just repay a small amount before you start working, and then increase it afterwards. Self-service in the App. NO extra charges.
Build your credit score
You can build your credit score with a low-cost loan and by repaying on time.
Take control of your finances
We help to consolidate your bank transactions and make it easy for you to understand your own finances
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