Fintern FAQs

How can I apply for a Fintern Loan?

About Fintern Loans
The entire application journey can be done online. You can apply for Fintern Loans in 5 steps:

1. Download our mobile application and install the Fintern App on your phone via Google Play Store or Apple Store, and start the journey to apply for a new loan

2. Fill in some simple personal details and with your consent, connect to Open Banking. Fintern assesses affordability based on your Open Banking transactional data

3. Fintern will help you to optimise your repayment structure based on your affordability. This won't affect your credit score

4. Choose your preferred monthly repayment amount, and payment start period (you have an option to delay starting repayments on the loan - fees apply)

5. Set up your Fintern account, provide proof of your identity, and submit your application online. If your application is approved, you will receive your loan within 48 hours.
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