Fintern FAQs

What fees and charges will you have to pay?

About Fintern Loans
The amount of each charge applicable to your proposed agreement is shown in the Pre-Contract Credit Information and in the credit agreement. You may have to pay the following types of credit charges and fees:

  • delayed repayment start fee, if through agreement with us you decide to delay the start of your repayments by up to 2 months (£15 for a one-month start date delay and £30 for a two-month start date delay);
  • loan action fees, if you decide to apply for a payment holiday during the term of your loan (£15 for a one-month payment holiday, and £30 for a two-month payment holiday); or if you decide to apply to reduce the level of your monthly payments (£30 for customers who reduce their monthly payment levels); and
  • default charges (£25 per missed or failed payment), if you fail to make repayments on the dates that they fall due.
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