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What customers say about Fintern
"I had a wonderful service throughout getting the loan into my account and Mark from Fintern helped me through Phone and Email. I liked the concept of Fintern using the open banking to find out the affordability which helps people to understand how much they can borrow without harming the credit score."
3 days ago
"Absolutely fantastic. Myself same as some others had a few teething issues, but that's the norm with a new app and service. Spoke with a really helpful chap called Anthony via email, responses were quick and guided me through what I had done wrong. Loan paid out week within timeframe provided and honestly can not recommend enough!!!!"
6 days ago
"I came across this app randomly , did some research and borrowed £700 in literally seconds ! Good interface and intuitive to use."
10 days
"I found Fintern straightforward to navigate. All explained and dealt with, with no issues whatsoever . It definitely helped me to resolve financial issues. Would happily recommend."
7 days
You can apply for Fintern Loans in 6 steps:
Download our mobile application

Install the Fintern App on your phone via Google Play Store or Apple App Store, and start the journey to apply for a new loan
Fill in some simple personal details and with your consent, connect to Open Banking

Fintern assesses affordability based on your Open Banking transactional data
Set the loan amount you would like to borrow

Request a loan size between £500 to £5,000
Set your preferred monthly repayment

Choose your preferred monthly repayment amount, and payment start period
Set up your Fintern account

Register with your email and mobile number in order to log in to your Fintern account
ID Verification

Provide proof of your identity, and submit your application online. If your application is approved, you will receive your loan within 48 hours
Eligibility to apply
All loans are subject to status and eligibility
You're aged 18 or over

Be at least 18 years old at the time of application
Have a valid residential UK status

This includes, for example, UK citizens, permanent residency, work permit or other long-term visa holders
Have at least one UK bank account

The account can be from a UK bank, building society or credit union opened at least three months ago
Have no unresolved defaults or CCJs

We can lend to customers who have previously defaulted or have received CCJs, this must be related to a one-off historical situation that has now been fully resolved.
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