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Fintern is now Abound
Going forward, all new loans will be Abound loans
We have changed our name: Fintern is now Abound
Our affordable loans just got even better. We've made applying for a loan easier, getting a decision quicker and understanding how our loans work clearer.
  • Easier applications
    We realised that making people download an app to apply for a loan just complicated things. Now, you can apply directly from our website on your phone or laptop without having to download anything.
  • Quicker decisions
    We've also built a new platform that lets us make more decisions instantly. When it can't, it makes our underwriters' lives easier by giving them all of the information they need to make a quick decision. Better decisions mean we can offer more customers better rates.
  • Clearer messaging
    We want to deliver an experience where everything is clear whether you're applying for your first loan or you've done it before. To do this we've stripped out as much jargon as possible.
  • Loans made for you
    Some lenders only look at your credit score. We look at the full picture – what you earn, how you spend, and what's left at the end. We continue to focus on better understanding our customers and making fair decisions.
I'm a Fintern customer, do I need to do anything?
  • You don't need to do anything differently.
  • You can still manage your loan and make repayments directly from the Fintern app
  • You'll notice the statement reference for your repayments will change to "Abound by Fintern"
  • Your terms and conditions haven't changed
We're always here to help. If you have any questions or concerns you can get in touch with us via webchat here, or give us a call on (+44) 020 3443 8881
Visit the new Abound site
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